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How to be free from self-limiting beliefs...

Change is hard.

We’re hard-wired to hold on to what we know, even if it’s not what we need and we deserve better or more from life.

If you REALLY thought about it, what proportion of your life do you tolerate doing things you hate, just for the short windows of doing things you love?

What if you could flip that? Guess what? You can.

Fear of the unknown is at the heart of all our self-limiting beliefs – and really at the heart of ALL fear.

In order to avoid the unknown, most people give up on their dreams remaining in lives that don’t serve them. I know, I’ve been there.

Even though you KNOW life could be better, you hold tightly to what you have – knowing that it’s the very thing stopping you from getting what you really want.

It’s an extremely life-restricting cycle.

But what if success wasn’t about how much time you spend doing what you love? But how little time you spend doing what you hate.

When you open yourself to new experiences, you open yourself to change.

So, be open to change. Be willing to accept that your life is currently not what you want it to be, even that there might be parts of your personality that you don’t like.

The simple facts are that if you want something much bigger and better, you’ll have to do things differently. Whatever you think you’re afraid of won’t be worse than standing still.

Are you willing to give up everything you know, for everything you want?

Here are the 6 techniques I try to use every time I’m facing something I fear:

1. I admit I’m afraid

2. I try to understand WHAT that fear really is – it may be masquerading as something else!

3. I give it a name (be as creative as you like!)

4. I acknowledge that my brain will try to find cunning ways to avoid confronting it – and that they are just that- GAMES

5. I step into it. Stare it right in the eyes. Sometimes I even talk to it or swear at it.

Take ownership of your life. Make it what YOU want it to be. Because what if the unknown holds everything you ever wanted and a million things you didn’t even know existed?

Don’t let that slip away…

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