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Our Founder

Intrepid was Founded by Vicki Anstey in 2022.

Inspired by her own life journey of discovering the incredible benefits of pushing physical limits, and understanding how to control and manipulate her mindset in both extreme and ordinary environments, Vicki is uniquely placed to take you on your very own journey of personal, physical and mental growth. 

You may not be ready to row an ocean, survive the Arctic or undertake SAS training, but if you want to explore your capabilities within safe limits and unlock the true potential of your mental and emotional state, get involved. 

Our mission

Our passion is sharing with others the truly life-enhancing effects of physical movement, understanding how our fears and emotions work and how to unlock the HUGE potential we all have to lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life. 

We have sought out some of the most remote, breath-taking and challenging landscapes in the world and established strong relationships with local guides who are highly trained to help you get the best out of yourself and the environment you are in.

Through our social content, remote and in-person coaching, we will equip you with the mental skills and physical capabilities to thrive in these environments. 

And if you are not (yet) in a position to join us on our adventure experiences, we want you to join our community of like-minded, spirited individuals who believe in the power of exploring potential. Who seek inspiration to become more than they are today.

Book us to speak or to run bespoke workshops for your team or organisation, join our community on Facebook, attend our remote and in-person events, listen to our Intrepid podcast and begin to put the foundations in place to discover what your capabilities truly are. 

We can't wait to meet you.

Join our supportive Facebook Community here 


Pam Maynard,
CEO of Avanade

Intrepid is the perfect next chapter for Vicki. Without exception, she will not only have you believing but achieving the unexpected. A not to be missed experience. 


Martin Fairn,
CEO at Gazing Ltd

Intrepid is an exciting and inspiring new concept that is so completely relevant for today.

Vicki not only epitomises Gazing Red2Blue mental skills but can coach them in others with passion and skill.

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