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Intrepid FAQs

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Have a question for us? Want to find out more information? Have a look at the answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t manage to find the information you’re looking for, please let us know.


What physical capability do I need to have?

While we aim to be as inclusive as possible with our experiences, there is a certain level of fitness that you will need to have to participate fully.

We offer in-person and remote physical training programmes on a 1-2-1 and group basis, so if you think you may need to increase your fitness level, we would be delighted to hear from you and can discuss rates depending on your requirement.

We also have some introductory fitness content on our ‘Training Prep’ page that will give you an idea of the kinds of workouts that will support your journey, plus some specific ‘Adventure Work Ons’ that will be useful to focus on in advance of your booked experience, regardless of your existing level of physical fitness.

Our minimum fitness requirements are:


  • Able to walk/hike in varying terrain (ie; not pavement) for at least 2 hours carrying a 5kg backpack

  • Able to perform 10 press ups (on knees or toes)

  • Able to hold a plank for 60 seconds

  • Able to perform 20 steps ups (onto a bench or box)

  • Able to hang your bodyweight from a frame or bar for 30 seconds


Every individual is different and while we cannot guarantee suitability, these are general guidelines that should enable you to participate with confidence.


Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss any of this in detail.


What if I can’t do all the activities?

We will make every effort to ensure that the group is kept together, but we will adapt to varying levels of ability of course. You will be able to stop and rest from time to time and we will have a number of guides assigned to the group to ensure all needs are met. But we do encourage you to follow our ‘training prep’ workouts, ‘adventure work ons’ and to get in touch with us to access regular in-person or remote training if you feel you need this.

What is the nature of the accommodation and food?

The food and accommodation will both be very basic. Part of the experience is to show you that a simple existence (even for a few days) can be life-altering and that we are not as reliant on amenities and small luxuries as we think. Usually the first and last night will be spent in more conventional accommodation and with a more choice ‘menu’, but please expect to embrace a different and quite ‘stripped back’ experience at times.

If you have any dietary restrictions, please inform us of this in advance.

What can I expect?

We like to keep as many elements as possible of our experiences a surprise. But we do understand that you will want to have some insights before booking!

On all of our experiences, we work with highly-experienced local guides who know the environment they work in extremely well. They are all highly-qualified and fully-insured climbing and expedition professionals and first aid practitioners.

Each trip will begin with a briefing to outline the itinerary, some of the skills you will learn and the nature of the experience. You will meet other members of the group and we will run through the kit you have to check you have everything you need.

The days will be quite long and you should expect to feel pleasantly tried at the end of each one. Early nights will be a necessity!


Depending on the experience you choose, we will be hiking, climbing, scrambling, snowshoeing, as well as some more technical skills such as abseiling, via Ferrata & ice climbing. You will be shown how to do everything snd full safety protocol will be followed.


You do not have to have prior experience, but we encourage you to visit a climbing wall a couple of times before the trip and to meet the physical requirements we have set out above.


Who comes?

We pride ourselves on being as inclusive as possible, so you will find people of all ages, levels of ability and backgrounds. Our trips are open to anyone who meets the physical requirements we have set out above and the unique mix of individuals is one of the many things that will make your experience unforgettable.


Do you take corporate teams?

Absolutely! If you have a corporate enquiry, please get in touch with us directly.

Can I get phone reception?

At times, we will be visiting some remote areas where there may not be any signal at all, at  other times you may be able to access 3G/4G/5G, but we advise you to check data roaming charges in your location. We strongly encourage you to embrace the opportunity to be ‘switched off’ as much as you can!

Will I be ok to come on my own?

Absolutely! Most guests do come ‘alone’ and quickly find a brand new group of friends. But partners, friends, colleagues are also very welcome!


Can under 18s book and participate?

Over 16s are welcome, so long as they are accompanied by a parent or Guardian and the parent or Guardian accepts responsibility for them. In terms of physical requirement, the experiences are suitable for and accessible by over 16s so long as they meet the physical requirements outlined above.

How hard are the physical activities?

Everything we do is physically accessible to you if you meet our physical requirements outlined above and if you have a positive ‘can do’ attitude. You will learn a huge amount - both in terms of skills and about your own capabilities.

I’m on medication, does this matter?

If you are on medication or have any medical conditions that may cause a problem for you, pleas ensure you have medical approval to participate. Please advise us of your medication and your condition.


Do Intrepid arrange flights and transfers?

We recommend flight times (not included in the price of the trip) and offer transfers (a small cost included in the price of the trip).

Not every guest will be coming from the same place, some may wish to use Air Miles/Avios points and some guests (who prefer to drive) may not need to fly so we don’t automatically include flights and transfers.

If you wish to avail of the transfer from the recommended airport, we ask that you arrive within a specific window to avoid long delays for the rest of the group. These will be advised at the time of booking.

If you prefer to drive, please check with us to ensure there is a secure place for your car to be parked for the duration of the trip.

Can I drink alcohol on the trip?

Alcohol will be available (at your own cost) on the last evening of the trip.


What happens if I injure myself?

If you injure yourself, please advise us immediately so the injury can be assessed and logged. We will have basic first aid kit at all times, If you require medical attention, we will follow the health and safety protocol of the venue/location in question and with the full support of our local guides.

We encourage you to obtain travel insurance, we have used and can recommend ITRA but there are many options.


What do I need to bring?

This varies by trip and a full kit list will be issued to you following your booking, but you should plan to invest in the following items if you don’t already have them:


  • Sleeping bag

  • A good pair of approach shoes (suitable for walking & climbing)

  • A 25l backpack

  • Comfortable walking clothes (shorts/leggings/light waterproofs/light down jacket)



If you have any additional questions, please email us at

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